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PrestaShop is a free, secure and open source shopping cart platform.

I am searching for a PrestaShop payment processor with the following features:

  1. works without without third party (save commission)
  2. gives a new address to every checkout
  3. automatically verifies in admin/customer after N confirmations
  4. gives wallet info in admin panel

Alternatively, is there a PHP implementation with these functions to allow coding all this?

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A fairly comprehensive list of Shopping Cart Interfaces is: – Stephen Gornick Dec 19 '12 at 18:36

Check this it says is free and works without integrating with online payments processors

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we are a BitPay Affiliate Partner and we integrate the BitPay PrestaShop API into PretaShop websites to enable merchants to accept Bitcoins as a payment method on their PrestaShop websites. (BitPay is the world's largest payment processor for virtual currencies.) Visit

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