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Where can I register a domain name and pay with bitcoins?

(The question is about usual domain names, not .bit maintained by the namecoin network.)

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There is a list of such services at https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Trade#Domain_Name_and_DNS_Hosting; for example:

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I just found a new provider that accept bitcoins, http://www.bitronictech.net/

They accept bitcoin for domain registration and all of their other services.

They have an article about their Bitcoin Gateway here: http://www.bitronictech.net/announcements/25/Buy-Domain-Names-with-Bitcoins.html

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Frank Domains offers domain registration via Bitcoin payments. They have a Bitcoin version of their entire site.

As well as anonymity, they also provide extra domain security in the form of Domainsafe, a Bank-style login security by means of physical key fob.

Frank Domains also provide one of the fastest domain search engines that i have come across, which can provide all the results in Bitcoin amounts.

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I always use http://www.domains4bitcoins.com they take Bitcoin and have free privacy protection and DNS.

(com net org co co.uk in biz us eu mobi asia name tel co.in tv me info ws bz cc org.uk me.uk net.in org.in ind.in firm.in gen.in mn us.com eu.com uk.com uk.net gb.com gb.net de.com cn.com qc.com kr.com ae.org br.com hu.com jpn.com no.com ru.com sa.com se.com se.net uy.com za.com gr.com co.nz net.nz org.nz com.co net.co nom.co ca de es com.au net.au xxx)

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