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Nice project and all, but I think in 2013 it shouldn't be a challenge to save all its files into its own folder (maybe even by default) so you can use it without installing/uninstalling.

I juts don't have that much space on C. I use D for stuff. Any help?

Google just brought me to this discussion which lead to all the fancy alternatives to the original client. I just want to try original Bitcoin QT first.

Edit: no one would be interested in a portable Bitoin QT? Would be very useful in my opinion.

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Asking about how to change the default storage location has been posted many, many times. The future canonical question is probably Bitcoin-Qt setup: Change block-chain file location, settings? documentation?. Possible duplicate of Bitcoin-Qt setup: Change block-chain file location, settings? documentation?. –  Peter Mortensen Aug 1 at 12:45

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  1. Put the bitcoin-qt.exe binary in the folder
  2. Create a bitcoin.bat file
  3. Open the file with notepad
  4. Add the following line: bitcoin-qt.exe -datadir=.
  5. From now on you can start by double-clicking the bat
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You can also create a shortcut, modify the shortcut properties, and add -datadir=. there. –  Gerald Kaszuba Aug 31 '13 at 9:49
This should work for any foobarCoin-Qt client. –  Austin Burk Dec 9 '13 at 0:09

make a folder call "data" in same app folder

in batswitch develop this code

bitcoin-qt.exe -datadir=./data/
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