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I am fairly new to this and I am worried I just wasted 300. It just says out of sync. How do I add my bitcoin wallet to Mt. Gox?

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While you can keep your funds on Mt. Gox, it is not advisable to do so, for the reasons listed here. So you would better find an e-wallet you like (I suggest, and send your funds there.

Always keep a backup, and never forget your passphrase!

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Sorry to hear you accidentally 300 - we've all been there at one point or another. To answer your questions:

I sent bitcoins to a bitcoin client that hadn't fully synced - are my bitcoins lost?

How do I add my bitcoin wallet to Mt. Gox?

Click "Add Funds", choose Bitcoins

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Thanks for the reply. I tried adding funds by using bitcoins, and it did not give me an option to add my bitcoin wallet. – Mark Guajardo Feb 24 '13 at 5:01
-1 while this answers the exact question asked, I think it would have been much better to explain to the OP what was he doing wrong and dissuade him (sorry) – o0'. Feb 24 '13 at 10:21

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