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We are developing some automated payment functions for Bitcoin. We want to automate transactions via a backend server setup; what libraries would be best suited?

I've found two libraries so far:

  • Java has BitcoinJ
  • C++ has bitcoin-qt

Would a thin or selfish client suffice ?

Do they support QR codes ?

P.S. I would prefer a Java over C++ coming from a C# background.

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BitcoinJ is fully featured and recently updated.

There is also BitcoinSharp if you are from a c# background. This is a direct port of BitcoinJ (it may be slightly out of date as a new BitcoinJ has been released recently).

As far as im aware it does not support native QR codes but has a http request which can generate QR codes ( if you dont want to use your own.

A thin or selfish client may be suitable it really depends on what your application is, your confidence in the network and risk involved with your application in general.

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I developed a solution using bitcoind (bitcoin-qt).

It was very easy with PHP + RPC Class, but bitcoind has some limitations which make it not very suited as a backend/library.

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I was looking for java or C# as PHP ..thanks – BitCoin New Guy Mar 2 '13 at 15:24

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