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the process of securing transactions and committing them into the Bitcoin public chain
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signed messages regarding the transfer or generation of bitcoins. They are broadcasted through the network and, if accepted, integrated in the blockchain.
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A database containing the keypairs associated with a user's Bitcoin addresses, a list of transactions related to those addresses and various user preferences and keys.
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a list of all transactions that have occurred using the Bitcoin currency. Please don't use this tag for the service named 'blockchain.info'.
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the command-line interface for Bitcoin. It stands for "Bitcoin Daemon" where a daemon is any computer process which runs in the background ("service" in Windows terminology). bitcoind conn…
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an MIT-licenced Qt 4 GUI application for the original Bitcoin codebase.
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a way of sharing the work needed to find a block. Miners are rewarded in proportion to the amount of computing power they contribute to the problem, with various ways of calculating r…
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any application which allows a user to connect to the Bitcoin (or alternate) network. Alternately, "client" may refer to a non-standard user interface which interacts with the Bitcoin netw…
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Sites which allow for the conversion of Bitcoins to various world currencies as well as alternate crypto-currencies.
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Security issues with the design or implementation of Bitcoin and related crypto-currencies.
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The hash of an ECDSA key-pair's public component. Knowledge of this value allows a user to send Bitcoins to another person over the network.
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a peer-to-peer Internet currency based on Bitcoin with confirmations that come every 2.5 minutes on average. It also uses the scrypt hashing algorithm to reduce the efficiency benefit that…
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Related to creation and ongoing work for different existing and future Bitcoin-related projects and source code.
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For questions relating to the protocols by which crypto-currencies are transferred.
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a multi-currency payment system.
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Application programming interface
× 198
Related to transaction fees in the Bitcoin network.
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a popular exchange where Bitcoins can be traded for more than a dozen national currencies including the US Dollar and the Euro.
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Relating to the JSON-RPC remote procedure calls.
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a service that offers [tag:e-wallets], and allows exploration of the blockchain.
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for signing transactions.
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Related to Bitcoin Blocks
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Related to the Bitcoin network and communication between different nodes on the Internet.
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Buying, selling or exchanging Bitcoins or other crypto-currencies for other currencies or commodities.
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Questions related to the standard Bitcoin client first developed by Satoshi Nakamoto.
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Non-Bitcoin solutions such as alternate block chains or methods of storing and exchanging value
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a desktop Bitcoin client that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.
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not directly useful (like a commodity) but which can be used as a medium of exchange or a store of value. Essentially, money.
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About Bitcoin as it might be discussed in economics class, e.g. supply, demand and price in theory.
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a measure of how many hashes must be attempted before one would be expected to successfully mine a block. Indirectly, it measures the total hashing speed of all miners for a given crypto-currency.
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Legal issues relating to the use of Bitcoins or similar crypto-currencies. This includes issues of legal compliance with legal areas such as taxation, money laundering, international currency controls…
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a mathematically reproducible but irreversible process which takes one value as an input and predictably produces a derived value as an output. Hashing is central to Bitcoin mining as well a…
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relevant to most or all blockchain based crypto-currencies. If your question is specific to one altcoin, please use/create the tag for that altcoin.
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Relates to attempts to harm the Bitcoin network. In cryptography, an attack is a method/technique to break the code. Bitcoin also has to deal with other types of attack, such as double spends and deni…
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a set of instructions on how to complete a transaction. The default send/receive actions are scripts but the protocol can be extended through the creation of…