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Top new questions this week:

Can I use Bitcoin to permanently prove that "there exists a file with content at this point of time"?

I have some files (e.g. of 10MB in size, think of it as a paper, an article, a photo, etc), and want to permanently prove that "at 2022.05.24, I already come up with such a file with such content&...

asked by ch271828n Score of 10
answered by Vojtěch Strnad Score of 18

Why isn't `OP_CHECKMULTISIG` compatible with batch verification of schnorr signatures?

BIP342 defines OP_CHECKSIGADD as a replacement for OP_CHECKMULTISIG. In the footnote it's mentioned that OP_CHECKMULTISIG is not compatible with batch verification, but I can't understand why and I ...

multi-signature schnorr-signatures opcodes  
asked by David A. Harding Score of 4
answered by Pieter Wuille Score of 7

How is mining the exact same hash on every computer avoided?

How does the mining clients make sure that the seeds are not the exact same computed on every mining rig in the world with for example a GTX 1080 with the same speed? So that it is not the quickest ...

mining-theory hash miner-configuration  
asked by Henning Score of 4
answered by Pieter Wuille Score of 11

Which wallets or libraries besides core support (or will support) P2TR descriptors?

I want to help test the WIP Bitcoin Dev Kit "Add support for Taproot and tr() descriptors", PR #593 against other implementations besides Bitcoin Core (already testing again Core 22.0). In ...

taproot bip174-psbt output-script-descriptors p2tr miniscript  
asked by Not Mandatory Score of 3
answered by Michael Folkson Score of 1

How can a private key be imported to a descriptor wallet?

If the Bitcoin Core Wallet Migration Tool is supposed to be creating descriptors for sparse keys (as it's supposed to support pre deterministic wallets), then why doesn't Bitcoin Core allow using ...

bitcoin-core wallet private-key-import output-script-descriptors  
asked by Mercedes Score of 2
answered by Andrew Chow Score of 3

bitcoin core : code released after the rescan ! problem in that?

Help, with bitcoin core : AFTER the Rescan : 1 - rescan 2 - response output, on the debug file out: 3 - FlushStateToDisk: write coins cache to disk (coins, kB) completed (s) , OK 4 - Imported mempool ...

bitcoin-core synchronization cache  
asked by signbertrand Score of 2
answered by Pieter Wuille Score of 1

Reasons not to rename scriptPubKey and scriptSig to something more intuitive?

I realize that this is how Satoshi named them and there was some reasoning behind these names, but even after years of using them, I find them weird and confusing, especially when e.g. explaining them ...

script bitcoin-core-development terminology scriptsig  
asked by Score of 1
answered by Andrew Chow Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

I can't find my bitcoin address and my bitcoin core is out of sync by 3 years

Hey guys I am a newbie at Bitcoin just recently found out about it. I downloaded Bitcoin core; I encrypted the wallet; I created a backup folder, but it is out of sync by 3 years 4 weeks and i can't ...

wallet address synchronization  
asked by D3on3 Score of 9
answered by mangoinalango Score of 7

What is the difference between a miner and a full node?

I have trouble finding the difference between a full node and a miner. It looks like these two names are used interchangeably which I think is not entirely correct. Miners do process blocks and full ...

terminology full-node  
asked by Joe Score of 23
answered by Michail Wilson Score of 16

What is a good way to concisely explain Bitcoin?

Often I'm asked to explain Bitcoin to someone and occasionally I come up with something stellar that really nails it, but most times it's a rambling incoherent mess. What I would like to see is a ...

architecture standard key-selling-points introducing-bitcoin  
asked by Gary Score of 211
answered by osmosis Score of 151

Solo mining just for luck, realistic?

Just turned my attention to mining and the concepts are quite new to me. First of let me be clear: I realize that my hardware setup is far from ideal for mining. This is also the reason why I do not ...

solo-mining mining-profitability hashpower  
asked by Isac Score of 30
answered by Luca Matteis Score of 18

How to unstuck a low-fee transaction with

I've sent a transaction from, but accidentally included too little fee. What can I do to cancel the transaction or speed up the transaction's confirmation? This is a complementary ...

transaction-fees unconfirmed-transactions canonical-question  
asked by Murch Score of 44
answered by tobixen Score of 35

What hash rate can a Raspberry Pi achieve? Can the GPU be used?

A Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized $25 (or $45, for the deluxe option) computer, designed for educational use. Has anyone tried running mining software on it? If so, what's the hashrate like? (...

mining-hardware raspberry-pi  
asked by Highly Irregular Score of 29
answered by JimCricket Score of 13

How do I retrieve bitcoins sent to my email address through

I have sent bitcoins from coinbase to my email address but there on my email I just see an email that I have received BTC from Coinbase. How do I retrieve those bitcoins from my email to transfer them ... sending  
asked by MKSJ Score of 6
answered by Eric Allam Score of 5

Can you answer these questions?

Electrum 4.2.1 GUI - Console payto error

I am using Electrum 4.2.1 GUI. I have tried using command payto in console and got the error below. What I can do? Is there any new command for this version or I am missing configuration? >>> ...

asked by kng Score of 1

Unprune & Re-Download Failed. Core asks for a "-reindex" due to chainstate, then fails

I was attempting to return from pruned to unpruned chainstate. Unchecked the pruned box. Core cautioned this would require re-download of the blockchain in its entirety. OK, fine. Shutdown Core to re-...

synchronization reindex  
asked by Rogue_Dave Score of 1
answered by Rogue_Dave Score of 0

How loud (dB) are BTC ASIC facilities/rooms/shelves?

I am just trying to get an idea of how loud (dB) these ASICs are when many of them are grouped up in an area. I know it may vary quite a lot based on the number of ASICs, size of the area, and many ...

mining-hardware asic mining-setup  
asked by Joe Score of 1
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