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Top new questions this week:

Confusion about Addresses

I have a little bit confusion about addresses segwit and not segwit. I can see P2WPKH and P2WSH from this link, and they are segwit and start with bc (mainnet) or ...

address segregated-witness witness-data  
asked by monkeyUser 2 votes
answered by MCCCS 1 vote

Handling "dead" (double-spent) transactions in my mempool

Say I receive transaction A and it is in my node's mempool and unconfirmed. Then a block gets mined directly, which spends one of transaction A's inputs, rendering transaction A invalid. What can I ...

transactions bitcoind doublespend getrawtransaction  
asked by deezy 2 votes
answered by Pieter Wuille 3 votes

Why does my BIP32 implementation throw different results than other web implementations? They also disagree with each other tho

I am implementing bip32 for my wallet as a project to learn Bitcoin. I am following this documentation: Since I am not implementing ...

asked by Oscar Serna 2 votes
answered by Andrew Chow 1 vote

Why do some wallets not need syncing?

I recently downloaded the Bitcoin Core wallet, and was mildly inconvenienced by the fact that I had to spend 4 days downloading 200 GB, but I just beared with it. However, I soon discovered that ...

asked by James Palmer 2 votes
answered by RedGrittyBrick 2 votes

Generate P2WSH native

I want to create P2WSH native like I have already a script to generate P2WPKH and it works, thank the python part and re-arrange group byte works. I read that ...

segregated-witness witness-data p2wsh  
asked by monkeyUser 1 vote
answered by Coding Enthusiast 1 vote

Can't send raw transaction Bitcoin Core 0.19.1 - non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Signature must be zero for failed CHECK(MULTI)SIG operation)

I wanted to send a raw testnet transaction and I was doing it like in the bitcoin documentation, but I still get this error: non-mandatory-script-verify-flag (Signature must be zero for failed ...

bitcoin-core raw-transaction createrawtransaction signrawtransaction sendrawtransaction  
asked by M A 1 vote
answered by Coding Enthusiast 0 votes

in PHP how to calculate full uncompressed public key from a short 02/03 pubkey?

in PHP how do i create the full public key from a compressed one? my test key is 026a04ab98d9e4774ad806e302dddeb63bea16b5cb5f223ee77478e861bb583eb3 and the uncompressed one is ...

public-key php  
asked by brocard 1 vote
answered by brocard 0 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why was 21 million picked as the number of bitcoins to be created?

Why did Satoshi pick 21 million as the number of bitcoins to be created? What is the significance of that number?

economics finance  
asked by osmosis 90 votes
answered by Chris Moore 66 votes

Where do bitcoins come from and what gives them their value?

Where do bitcoins come from? From the video it appears they are just being produced by "miners" and sold to people. So who backs Bitcoin or gives it its value?

economics mining-reward value mining-theory  
asked by eMansipater 64 votes
answered by eMansipater 44 votes

Wallet gone and lost recovery phrase, how to get back my bitcoins?

I lost my phone where I stored my 12 word recovery phrase. How can I get back my bitcoins?

asked by József 11 votes
answered by Callerap 23 votes

What are stale shares and what can I do to avoid them?

When I mine at a pool, only a part of my shares are accepted. There is a small percentage which is marked as stale. As far as I know I only get paid for accepted shares, so what are these stale ...

mining-pools mining-pool-shares mining-setup  
asked by nmat 35 votes
answered by ThePiachu 30 votes

Where can I see my Bitcoin address?

I use the original client, but I don't know where can I find my Bitcoin address. Can someone help me?

bitcoin-core address  
asked by Rowt 5 votes
answered by ThePiachu 4 votes

Where is the data folder for Bitcoin-Qt?

Where can I find the blockchain, wallet.dat, etc. on each of the operating systems Bitcoin-Qt supports?

bitcoin-core client user-data datadir  
asked by Chris Moore 40 votes
answered by ThePiachu 48 votes

Where can I find how much one XRP (Ripple unit) is worth?

XRP are the units of the new system. Where can I find how much they're worth right now? Historic charts?

asked by ripper234 15 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Is the contest period really necessary for cross-chain transactions in 2-way-peg sidechains?

According to the first sidechain article (Link), the cross chain transaction process can be briefly describe as follows: Alice has a wallet on sidechain S1. She wants to send some coins to sidechain ...

spv sidechains  
asked by Cong 1 vote
answered by nickler 0 votes

Bitcoin Core wallet fails to load and requires reindex after I already did it

My Bitcoin Core is synchronized. But I can't open a wallet, it says that I might need a reindex. Though I already did it. Also I can't do dumpprivkey because it says that no wallet is loaded. How can ...

bitcoin-core blockchain wallet synchronization  
asked by Vid 1 vote

How to sign a 2-of-2 multisig address?

I want to implement 2-of-2 multisig in bitcoinj, and I implement the methods which are used to sign the first time and the second time. But there is a bug that using the same key for the first signing ...

bitcoinj java implementation  
asked by Oiiiwk 1 vote
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