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Top new questions this week:

What is the difference between PSBT support in Coldcard and Trezor?

The 10x Security Bitcoin Guide says that the only two hardware wallets support BIP174 (partially signed Bitcoin transactions, or PSBT). However, this Reddit thread says that "You can use PSBT ...

hardware-wallet trezor bip174-psbt coldcard  
asked by Sergei Tikhomirov 5 votes
answered by Andrew Chow 6 votes

A Bitcoin locking script to force a certain payment to the receiver?

Is there a way to use Bitcoin script to force payment for the receiver? I do not mind if it's a non-standard transaction, just curious if Bitcoin script itself allows expression of something like that....

script development  
asked by Vlad 3 votes
answered by Andrew Chow 4 votes

Compiler optimizations for self-compiled Bitcoin Core

If I compile Bitcoin Core using the instructions in the README, does the C++ compiler use compiler optimizations for my current CPU, or will it output a "generic" binary, that can run on ...

bitcoin-core bitcoind compiling  
asked by Patrick Lemke 3 votes
answered by Pieter Wuille 3 votes

Are there any other ways of speeding up the building of Bitcoin Core PRs other than ccache?

I am already using ccache to speed up recompilation when building Bitcoin Core PRs. Are there any other ways of speeding up the process?

bitcoincore-development bitcoincore-review  
asked by Michael Folkson 2 votes
answered by Michael Folkson 1 vote

What makes cross input signature aggregation complicated to implement?

What makes cross input signature aggregation complicated to implement? Other than for design space reasons why didn't it make it into BIP-Taproot? (Key aggregation within one input can be achieved ...

schnorr-signatures taproot  
asked by Michael Folkson 2 votes
answered by Michael Folkson 2 votes

How to generate valid BTC address to withdraw coins to

I set up bitcoind, and the complete blockchain is synced. I created a wallet, and I loaded the wallet. How can I generate an address to deposit BTC to? I tried bitcoin-cli getnewaddress and I get this ...

bitcoind bitcoin-cli address-generation address-format  
asked by kintsukuroi 2 votes
answered by chytrik 2 votes

Scalability problem: is the end of Bitcoin near?

I was reading in Wikipedia that the blockchain can only handle around 7 transactions per second: With the soft fork for SegWi, I can imagine ...

blockchain scalability user-base  
asked by user1883212 2 votes
answered by Murch 10 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there any way to buy bitcoins online without a fee?

I'm new to bitcoins, and my experience is from something like E*Trade buying on the NASDAQ, so that's my frame of reference. I paid a small broker fee for every buy or sell, and I trusted the exchange ...

exchanges buy-bitcoins exchange-fees  
asked by toddmo 21 votes
answered by tobixen 11 votes

Get simple BTC value to insert it in excel sheet

I'm trying to so some maths calculations with Excel but I need to get the current btc value from any website that can provide it in any format but simple as possible. Do you have any idea to get the ...

value btce live-data  
asked by zeflex 14 votes
answered by frŠµdsbend 10 votes

How can I make GUIMiner use the CPU for mining?

I am trying to setup GUIMiner together with As I am working on a laptop with an Intel graphic card I am (probably?) unable to use GPU mining. So, just for a test, I tried to run ...

mining-pools miner-configuration cpu-mining  
asked by René Nyffenegger 3 votes
answered by Nick ODell 3 votes

How to unstuck a low-fee transaction with

I've sent a transaction from, but accidentally included too little fee. What can I do to cancel the transaction or speed up the transaction's confirmation? This is a complementary ... transaction-fees unconfirmed-transactions  
asked by Murch 34 votes
answered by tobixen 31 votes

How to safely shutdown bitcoind ?

Surprised this one hasn't been asked yet. But how / what is the recommended best practice for shutting down bitcoind ? Right now I'm manually killing the process with either sudo kill {pid} or if ...

asked by ManreeRist 32 votes
answered by Jori 15 votes

How many bitcoins will there eventually be?

Since bitcoins are being regularly rewarded to miners, will the number of bitcoins continue to grow indefinitely, or will there be a maximum total number of bitcoins in existence? And if there is ...

asked by eMansipater 59 votes
answered by eMansipater 37 votes

What happens if your bitcoin client generates an address identical to another person's?

Here's a what-if scenario: Person A has a Bitcoin address with 25BTC. Person B opens up their Bitcoin client: which may or may not have the complete blockchain (the latter would mean no copies of ...

address key-collision  
asked by Austin Burk 57 votes
answered by Nicolai 35 votes

Can you answer these questions?

SHA256 speedup possible if executed on GPU

Is it possible to speed up hashing if hashing is done on a GPU? Does that even make sense or are the CPU instructions faster because for normal signature verification you don't gain by parallelizing ...

bitcoin-core cryptography gpu  
asked by Patrick Lemke 1 vote

Can a 0 confirmation Bitcoin Core change output be spent?

I have a Bitcoin Core wallet which has a utxo which I spent from, in a transaction where around 1% was sent to an external wallet address, with the ~99% change output remaining in the wallet, sent to ...

bitcoin-core unconfirmed-transactions bitcoin-cli replace-by-fee  
asked by qmux 1 vote wallet

Just a basic/general question, recently when I send bitcoin using's wallet I noticed within my transaction logs Received BTC to: BTC Trading Wallet. From: BTC Wallet directly after Sent ...

asked by Blockchainquestionnob 1 vote
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