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Top new questions this week:

Should I keep my Lightning node data around after decomissioning?

Let's say I have a Lightning node, and want to shut it down. All its channels have been closed, and its onchain wallet has been drained. Is there any reason why I'd want or need to keep some or part ...

lightning-network core-lightning  
user avatar asked by Pieter Wuille Score of 5
user avatar answered by Rene Pickhardt Score of 5

How does one become a DNS seed for Bitcoin Core?

How does the process work? Do Core devs add a DNS seed based on reputation or what?

bitcoin-core peer-discovery dns  
user avatar asked by luisschwab Score of 5
user avatar answered by Paro Score of 5

Does ordinal theory affect fungibility?

I've read the ordinal theory post on Casey Rodarmor's blog and the article by pourteaux and I'm trying to wrap my head around ordinals and what they are exactly. Are ordinals just serial numbers ...

fungibility ordinals  
user avatar asked by Marco Score of 4
user avatar answered by RedGrittyBrick Score of 3

What is the asm section of scriptSig

I am trying to understand the output from bitcoin-cli. The sample transaction's txid is 061959f1a3360d3781a870b2d43f73f7105b194b22f3765fcb9b8f545f9c8317, from block 222,222. The asm section of ...

script bitcoin-cli  
user avatar asked by D.J. Elkind Score of 4
user avatar answered by josie Score of 2

How do I setup an Esplora instance for local testing

How can I setup a local instance of, for example to test/experiment with the Esplora backend for syncing BDK or LDK?

electrum-server lightning-development-kit esplora  
user avatar asked by tnull Score of 4
user avatar answered by tnull Score of 2

Why CHECKMULTISIG bug can't be solved?

I was reading Mastering Bitcoin and I read about a bug in CHECKMULTISIG. If the starting ideas of this command should work like this <Signature B><Signature C> M <Public key A><...

script multi-signature consensus taproot  
user avatar asked by Paro Score of 3
user avatar answered by Michael Folkson Score of 5

Why is the Bitcoin Core HWI written in Python? If it was rewritten in Rust should the Python HWI still be maintained?

Why is/was the Bitcoin Core HWI written in Python? What have the challenges been of having the HWI written in Python? There seems to be interest and rationale(s) to write another HWI in Rust. Would ...

bitcoin-core bitcoin-core-development python rust-bitcoin hardware-wallet-interface  
user avatar asked by Michael Folkson Score of 2
user avatar answered by Andrew Chow Score of 6

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why do the price of bitcoins vary wildly between exchanges?

▼ mtgoxUSD 95.0000 108.452 -12.404% 2428892 ▼ btc24EUR 67.5047 89.036 -24.183% 348160 ▼ btceUSD 82.9900 106.794 -22.289% 277286 ▼ bitstampUSD 75.9900 109.320 ...

exchanges exchange-rate arbitrage  
user avatar asked by user4951 Score of 34
user avatar answered by Will Score of 23

Cryptocurrency Arbitrage - What do I need to know?

I'm curious as how one would go about arbitraging crypto currencies - How does it work? what do I need to look out for? What are the risks and caveats?

buy-bitcoins sell-bitcoins arbitrage altcoin-trade  
user avatar asked by deepbrook Score of 41
user avatar answered by deepbrook Score of 71

How to safely shutdown bitcoind ?

Surprised this one hasn't been asked yet. But how / what is the recommended best practice for shutting down bitcoind ? Right now I'm manually killing the process with either sudo kill {pid} or if ...

user avatar asked by ManreeRist Score of 39
user avatar answered by Jori Score of 16

How many bitcoins will there eventually be?

Since bitcoins are being regularly rewarded to miners, will the number of bitcoins continue to grow indefinitely, or will there be a maximum total number of bitcoins in existence? And if there is ...

user avatar asked by eMansipater Score of 68
user avatar answered by eMansipater Score of 40

How does one mine Stellar

I was able to mine Ripple for a time using boinc, will Stellar offer something like this? are there other ways to mine Stellar?

ripple consensus stellar  
user avatar asked by Phill Pafford Score of 20
user avatar answered by CryptoPrincess Score of 23

How much Bitcoin will I mine right now with hardware X?

Say I have a given piece of hardware (CPU/GPU). Where can I find out how much Bitcoin will I mine per day?

mining-profitability mining-hardware  
user avatar asked by ripper234 Score of 116
user avatar answered by Dr.Haribo Score of 60

Is there any way to buy bitcoins online without a fee?

I'm new to bitcoins, and my experience is from something like E*Trade buying on the NASDAQ, so that's my frame of reference. I paid a small broker fee for every buy or sell, and I trusted the exchange ...

exchanges buy-bitcoins exchange-fees  
user avatar asked by toddmo Score of 21
user avatar answered by tobixen Score of 11

Can you answer this question?

ThreadOpenConnections and break versus continue: why the one versus the other?

In the inner loop of ThreadOpenConnections() sometimes there is a break to the outer loop and sometimes a continue. This is my understanding of the difference, roughly: A break fully 'restarts' the ...

network p2p source-code  
user avatar asked by codo Score of 1
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