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May 31 '19 at 0:13 comment added chytrik @epc ah, I didn’t see the latter half of your comment, ignore my first reply. I’m glad you got away without being scammed, since scammers are usually good at making themselves look legit to laypeople. Bitcoin is interesting and exciting tech, but it is worth doing your own research to learn about how it works before jumping in. In any case, there is no legit bitcoin service that promises huge returns, be very wary of any situation like that. Happy to help :)
May 30 '19 at 23:53 comment added epc thanks so much. i communicated with him today, and grilled the f*** out of the conversation. i asked for him to lay out the entire process. he wanted me to go to a website (cryptofuriouz.com) where i would set up an account and “invest” $500US worth of BTC, and he would “manage the account”. 😂 i asked why HIS PHONENUMBER was on the contact page, and he’s like “Oh, i’m the only manager”. So i told him straight up he’s trying to get me to walk my money right to his wallet somehow. He gave up after that. Again, thanks for the reply!
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