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May 13 '20 at 15:45 comment added MCCCS Miners validate transactions too. If even one transaction is invalid they would lose all the block reward. So invalid transactions don't make into blocks. If some of the other miners support the block and mine showing that block as the reference block, then there would be a chain split. Nodes don't vote, they just ignore a block and don't share it with their peers if they see the transaction as invalid (or nonstandard. There's also a standardness rule that transactions not obeying that can be included in blocks but those aren't relayed).
May 13 '20 at 15:18 comment added Ruchit Patel Now I get that all nodes maintain the local list of verified transactions. I'm still not sure about counting the transaction part. I'm confused about whether the majority votes is required for verifying the transaction or for verifying the proposed block to merge in the chain? If it is required for merging the block, then how come the network find out that majority of nodes have verified the block. I have same doubt for the transaction part. Thank you for your answer :)
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