I am trying to run a full node on a Raspberry Pi 3. My computer is also not so good for initial block download. So I got a borrowed computer and synced the whole blockchain overnight. Then I copied "blocks" and "chainstate" folders, and returned the borrowed computer to lender.

I copied the files over to the Raspi USB harddisk, everything was fine, it synced and I could use it normally.

Now I notice that a few "blk####" and "rev####" files are 0kb in size (I am not sure if they were normal before and got somehow corrupted or if they have always been like that, see pictures below).

blk files

rev files

So my question is: is it normal to have 0kb files like that?

  • I don't have any empty rev or blk files. – Emmanuel Rosa Nov 15 '20 at 1:28

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