I would like to new address generate with this command

bitcoin-cli -testnet getnewaddress "adr1" "p2sh-segwit" but I get this msg:

error message:
Wallet file not specified (must request wallet RPC through /wallet/<filename> uri-path).
Try adding "-rpcwallet=<filename>" option to bitcoin-cli command line. 

then I added the -rpcwallet command like that: bitcoin-cli -testnet -rpcwallet=/home/bitcoin/.bitcoin/ getnewaddress "adr1" "p2sh-segwit" but I got an error again like this:

error message:
Requested wallet does not exist or is not loaded````

what should I do?

thank you

-rpcwallet takes the name of the wallet, not the path to the datadir (as you appear to have done) or the path to the wallet file.

To get a list of the names of the wallets currently loaded, you can use the listwallets command.

  • thank you, that's worked!
    – sollover
    Nov 15 '20 at 0:28

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