So I've setup my own Pushpool server, and now I'm trying to connect using GUIMiner

The server is up and running, this is what my terminal says:

sbin/pushpoold -E -F
[2013-04-19 20:33:5.395392] Listening on host :: port 8336
[2013-04-19 20:33:5.395592] Listening on host :: port 8337
[2013-04-19 20:33:5.395792] initialized

and on the GUIminer I connect with

Host: http://localhost
Port: 8336
Username: username (what I have set in SQLite3)
Password: password

But then when I start mining my console says this

2013-04-18 14:40:53: Running command: poclbm.exe username:password@http://localhost:8336 --device=0 --platform=0 --verbose -r1 
2013-04-18 14:40:53: Listener for "Default" started
2013-04-18 14:40:54: Listener for "Default": 18/04/2013 14:40:54,  need more than 1 value to unpack
2013-04-18 14:40:56: Listener for "Default": WARNING: ADL missing (no AMD platform?), temperature control is disabled
2013-04-18 14:40:56: Listener for "Default": At least one server is required
2013-04-18 14:40:56: Listener for "Default": Traceback (most recent call last):
2013-04-18 14:40:56: Listener for "Default": File "Switch.pyo", line 45, in __init__
2013-04-18 14:40:56: Listener for "Default": File "Switch.pyo", line 60, in parse_server
2013-04-18 14:40:56: Listener for "Default": ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack
2013-04-18 14:40:57: Listener for "Default" shutting down

Anybody here have any idea on how to fix this? Thanks.

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You're adding the server the wrong way. The way you note the server's address isn't valid URI syntax.

Bad :


Good :


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