My mortgage broker:

They aren’t happy with your proof of deposit. The bitcoins are fine. But you will need to provide a statement of your portfolio. It needs to come from the provider / platform where your funds are held. It needs to have your name on it.

I don't think it is possible to convince them cryptographic signature is enough. They want to see a statement...

Tried looking at popular platforms...


enter image description here

Binance (some dust)

enter image description here

I would like to make them happy...

...which platform offers a good looking statement?

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    I'm sorry about the votes to close. Real life use case, real life problem. Looking for a platform that has a feature called "good looking reports". Just like someone looking for a wallet that supports Lightning Network on Testnet. I was thinking about hiring an artist / graphic designer to produce me a statement from United Bank of Bitcoin and I would persistent that it states the truth, rather than en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortgage_fraud 😎 Nov 30 '20 at 5:42