My Problem

Consider an offline computer that has a list of private keys for bitcoin addresses. The computer has some flavor of Linux installed on it, so it can run common CLI tools and Python scripts.

I would like to create a transaction from one of these private keys into a given bitcoin address, sign it, and securely transfer it to an online computer, possibly using a QR code and a phone QR reader that can publish the signed transaction.

What Have I Tried

  • Searching the site, but I only found old answers
  • STFW, giving me non-CLI tools or obsolete answers
  • Playing with bitcoin-cli sendtoaddress, but it does not seem to support any given private key, just its own wallet.

My Question

How can I securely create a signed transaction with a private key, a destination address, and an amount, from an offline computer using CLI tools?

  • I feel like some additional info is required to properly answer this: Is importing the private keys into bitcoind an option? How are you planning to let your offline computer know about the available UTXOs for those addresses?
    – sr-gi
    Dec 1 '20 at 10:34

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