I just read that an original mnemonic can be split into parts, I am a little confused about how the system can restore the original mnemonic from these mnemonic pieces.

example i have mnemonic

radar warm pizza grief worth attack van ribbon milk surface guitar bachelor

and then i split and get 5 shares mnemonic

1. demise reopen sort defy forward gorilla live cannon scan large thing action
2. arch peasant act box try install indicate organ tourist hungry biology thought
3. gun win grace exhaust movie sail cable news bundle glide bright minimum
4. load sunny bicycle dragon ghost sort turtle buzz orbit slender bargain photo
5. recipe snake submit gentle squirrel tattoo boy penalty sail summer tongue dove

The three 3 shares that I combined, turned out to be really the original mnemonic. but here I have a question. If I only remember 2 of the 5 mnemonic shares, can I recover my original mnemonic? if possible please show me how?

thank you


You can select what subset of the shares are enough to reconstruct the original secret. That's why it's called m of n. So set m to 2 and n to 5 and you have what you need.

If you haven't done this before splitting the secret then 2 shares will not be enough.

  • can u show me please? – Zmx Atah Nov 30 '20 at 17:52
  • @ZmxAtah i have no idea what tool or script you used so how can I show you? – Abdussamad Dec 1 '20 at 12:11
  • I just using shamir secret from iancoleman. but I don't know much about the shamir secret – Zmx Atah Dec 1 '20 at 16:41
  • just select 2 of 5 parts when splitting the secret – Abdussamad Dec 2 '20 at 12:44
  • I don't think this answers the question. OP is trying to reconstruct their secret with just 2 shares that were created as part of a 3-of-5 setup. This is impossible. – Pieter Wuille Apr 3 at 19:07

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