Not so long ago I started working with Bitcoin Node, I use RPC to receive payment from the site. For a long time, there were no problems. Recently, he began to behave strangely.

1. Correct work

Output Errors from logs

  • debug.log
socket send error Broken pipe (32)
socket recv error Connection reset by peer (104)
Pre-allocating up to position 0x800000 in rev02310.dat
ping timeout: 1200.004205s
Timeout downloading block 00000000000000000000ef57678063c22a6e65c7d908fb12136bab2344ff3139 from peer=455976, disconnecting
ERROR: AcceptBlockHeader: prev block not found
ERROR: ProcessNewBlock: AcceptBlock FAILED (prev-blk-not-found (code 0))
ERROR: AcceptBlockHeader: Consensus::ContextualCheckBlockHeader: 000000000000014219120d5167a4281437fc379129d4ba6f6e956ca1db77f5fa, bad-diffbits, incorrect proof of work (code 16)
  1. What is he trying to connect to? Mainnet?
  2. Why was the block not found?

What could it be? And how can this be resolved?

2. Method does not display all transactions

bitcoin-cli getwalletinfo shows that I have 1537 transactions.

According to the documentation, my script application executes the RPC method listtransactions "*" 0 100 in a loop, increasing offset and writing to the MySQL database.

The problem is that 3 transactions were lost, and they are not displayed by the method listtransactions. Instead of 1537 records in the MySQL database, I have 1534 records, it is not great.

How can this happen? Has anyone had a similar problem?

PS: Bitcoin Node
Sorry for my english(

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