I'm waiting since 16/12/2020 and i still waiting in the Mempool. Exists a way how can i verify my own transaction without a Bitcoin miner? Yes, i paid a low fee.

Here you can see my transaction: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/cc32cd350dde5a9141e8180c63fb1aff4245d212d11c8249c58789a93acce4a3

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Yes, there exist two possibilities to release your stuck transactions using Fee Bumping:

This page gives exact instructions on how to increase the fee on a transaction that is currently stuck in order to make it unstuck. This is always done by creating a new transaction that will either spend the coins sent by the stuck transaction (called child-pays-for-parent, or CPFP) or replace the stuck transaction (called replace-by-fee, or RBF).

Edit: I recommend consulting Johoe's Mempool Statistics next time before you broadcast a new transaction.


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