I have a POC where the essential, critical, priority goal is to use C# and the .NET Core Framework (Bouncy Castle for crypto, or Microsoft primitives for BigInteger ) where I do the following

  • Accept a number of transactions that include zero or some fee attached to the transactions (P2P pending Tx queue)

  • Calculate the relevant block reward and send it to an address as defined in the block specification format

  • Calculate the block's Proof of Work value as specified in the Target or other similar value (difficulty)

  • Finally submit the following, as calculated by NBitcoin, into the REST API in the full Bitcoin RPC client (isolated test network)

Any assistance in linking NBitcoin to a "software-CPU miner" just as if Bitcoin was invented originally in 2009 would be greatly useful for the prosocial endeavors I'm currently engaged for.

  • I will add a bounty of SO points and relevant other gratitude if this works. – halfbit Jan 2 at 17:46
  • It's hard to help without knowing where you're stuck. You could first look at the mining pseudocode and implement it without any regard to performance, and once it's working, copy-paste SIMD mining code. – MCCCS Jan 3 at 11:57

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