So one of the issues I am running into is that there are competing definitions for things like: exchange, broker, trading platform, exchange platform, centralized, decentralized, P2P trading, etc. And also the websites often don't come out and say exactly how the operation is structured.

Regardless of what words you use to describe them, there is a difference between how things like Coinbase vs. Binance vs. Uniswap vs. eToro vs. LocalBitcoins are owned, organized, and operated. Is there a good resource that explains the differences in unambiguous language between all the services you can use to trade Bitcoin?

  • I would expect most of these to be considered confidential information. Jun 7, 2021 at 21:53

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I can't say I've seen one. These links list resources and exchanges:



It might be worth looking at crypto venture capital companies to see if they have any market overviews.

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