I understand that bitcoin-core introduced the IsStandard() check in v0.9(?) to prevent non-standard transactions from being broadcast (unless in a mined block).

I'm interested to know whether there are any current mining pools or miners that will process non-standard transactions - i.e. they're running a non-default configuration that will permit the non-standard transactions to be submitted using sendrawtransaction (or another method) and mine them.

When I say non-standard, I mean that the transaction will be rejected because it contains non-standard inputs (i.e., inputs that return false when evaluated by IsStandard()).

I already understand that testnet is more permissive in this sense but I'm specifically interested in miners on mainnet.

Note: This question is for academic purposes in support a paper I am writing.

  • The checks in isStandard() are largely ignored for P2SH scripts and for Segwit scripts, since they sidestep a lot of the concerns that caused the standardness checks to come into existence. – Anonymous Jan 9 at 19:19
  • Thanks for the comment. I'm talking specifically about transactions that involve non-standard inputs, so P2SH\Segwit doesn't apply here. I'll edit the question to clarify what I'm asking – Martin Jan 10 at 14:41

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