I am trying to get along the electrum wallet command line in ubuntu. However, my exchange only accepts withdraws to canonical non-SegWit addresses (i.e. it only generates with a "bc1" prefix). Is there a way to specifically specify such an option when typing electrum createnewaddress?

  • "bc1" addresses are segwit. Jan 11, 2021 at 23:58

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  1. I don't see any arguments in https://github.com/spesmilo/electrum/blob/b2be29b508deb310631cacfb51bb1561bce75ff9/electrum/commands.py#L795 to specify the address type similar to address_type used in Bitcoin Core's getnewaddress

  2. As sipa also mentioned in the comments, "bc1" prefix is used for segwit addresses

  3. I think Electrum uses the default address type of wallet for creating new address which is decided while creating new wallet. So you can resolve this issue by creating a new wallet and select appropriate address type.


open console and then type create(seed_type='standard') then you open this with File->Open->THE NAME YOU CHOSE usually Default

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