There are stories about people searchung dumps for their thrown away harddrives with bictoins with brazillions of money. I want to get such harddrive too :)

Is it possible nowadays? I.e. buy bitcois directly to my wallet, without any third party accounts?

I registered on CoinMarketCap and coinbase and looks like first site doesn't allow to buy bitcoins and another is maintaining it's own accounts with their security and 3rd party auth. But I don't want their accounts, I want my on my local selfcontained harddrive.

Is it possible?

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I'd suggest you to:

  • Look into hosting your own bitcoin node.
  • Try using P2P non-custodial non-kyc exchange, you can find the list here.
  • You may want not to store your wallet on a hard drive. The suggested solution is to own a hardware wallet

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