If a Bitcoin address was created upon the opening of a Binance or Coinbase account, is there anything in the address itself, or its activity, that can give clues to whether it was in fact created on Binance or Coinbase? So that the tracer can approach that exchange and complain about that account's activity?

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Possibly in it's activity, exchanges have quite unique transaction footprints and this can be used to make an inference. It's not an easy process however and there is nothing in the bitcoin address itself that indicates which exchange etc. was used to create it.

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    what are some examples of exchanges' unique transaction footprints
    – user610620
    Jan 16, 2021 at 23:49

The transactions involved in BTC deposit to an address assigned by centralized exchanges normally follows this path:

Bitcoin wallet of user ---> Exchange Deposit address for this user ---> Exchange moves funds from multiple hot wallets to cold storage address

These cold storage addresses are known for many exchanges and sometimes even hot wallets.

The type of address also helps. For example: if it's a legacy address starting with "1" you can look for exchanges that do not use segwit addresses for BTC deposits.

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