I am having trouble setting up mining with antminer.

I have a gpu rig which is successfully mining with 2060 rtx on bitcoin with bfgminer at a hashrate of 1.5gh/s

Obviously 1.5gh/s is nothing compared to what can be achieved with the antminer

So went and got an antminer promising speeds of dozens of th/s

I can do pooled mining with it and get the advertised speed

However i wish to have a go at setting up solo mining with my antminer

Which software would you recommend to use in conjunction with the bitcoin core client? It seems i am unable to use bfgminer with my antminer for solo mining

The information i have access to so far with google search and searching on this website is very limited or most of it is outdated

No comments on how unlikely it is i will profit. I want to get it working so please stay on topic

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