I've looked through the docs, I've Googled, I've searched here, and it all just seems like Greek to me... I must not be using the right keywords, because I just can't figure out what I think should be the most dead-simple thing...

How can I use NBitcoin to open my wallet from my 12 word seed phrase and look at the balance? I feel like if I can just get some help getting that far, I can probably go from there to do more...

Also, does NBitcoin have an API reference guide?

Thanks all!

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Use var key = mnemoObj.DeriveExtKey(); then you can derive addresses as explained in this chapter (https://programmingblockchain.gitbook.io/programmingblockchain/key_generation).

mnemo = new Mnemonic("minute put grant neglect anxiety case globe win famous correct turn link",
hdRoot = mnemo.DeriveExtKey("my password");
  • thanks, this finally got me started 👍
    – encoder
    Commented Jan 22, 2021 at 16:25

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