I bought some Bitcoin on Robinhood for $0 fee, and about $2.99 fee on Coinbase.com, but since bitcoin.com seems like an official website, I tried installing the app to buy some Bitcoin, but for $180 of Bitcoin, the fees are like $13.50 + $2.32 = $15.82 (as paid by Apple Pay).

It seems such as big percentage (8.3%) of fees just to buy $180 of Bitcoin. Is that just the way it is on bitcoin.com or any method to make the fees at most about 3%?

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    Bitcoin has no official website, and bitcoin.com isn't anywhere near it. Jan 26, 2021 at 5:58
  • bitcoin.com has bitcoin wallet... so if I don't use bitcoin.com, how do I get a Bitcoin wallet? (it seems Coinbase has a wallet app on the App store... Robinhood has an app but I am not sure if it is also a wallet) Jan 26, 2021 at 6:02
  • Install one of your own. I like Electrum (electrum.org) personally. Also, I'm confused, it looked like Robinhood fulfilled your question requirements of <3% fee, I haven't tried it myself but why not just keep using it if it worked for you? I also would recommend staying far away from bitcoin.com.
    – ieatpizza
    Jan 26, 2021 at 7:23
  • @ieatpizza because I am just exploring the options and the pros and cons. Robinhood seems to only buy it in their name and they said they store it "cold" for me. But they don't allow me to transfer to my wallet... unlike Coinbase... so Robinhood is like buying it and selling it only, like a stock Jan 26, 2021 at 13:14

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bitcoin.com seems like an official website

No, it is in no way official. If I remember correctly it was started by a group of people who created a new cryptocurrency by forking Bitcoin, they wanted to take over the name Bitcoin for their altcoin. They are not well regarded by the Bitcoin community. Their altcoin is not Bitcoin

There are no officials and no official websites for Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin is intended to be completely decentralised.

Is it a relatively big fee buying Bitcoin on bitcoin.com?

Your numbers for other currency exchanges suggest that this is the case.

Is that just the way it is on bitcoin.com

Yes, apparently they are a business that charges higher fees than some other businesses.

how do I get a Bitcoin wallet?

A good place to start is https://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet but also see I am new to Bitcoin, how can I get started?

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