I have downloaded bitcoin core and have parsed it with blocksci. I want to get the data about the inputs and outputs of each transaction like this:

import blocksci
chain = blocksci.Blockchain('./btc.cfg')
for block in chain:
    for tx in block:
        result = tx.inputs.address.with_type(blocksci.NonstandardAddressIterator)

address is a property under class blocksci.InputRange, with type blocksci.AddressRange. I do not understand the below part in document so I can't figure out what should be filled as argument in with_type to make it return the inputs as a list to result.

class blocksci.AddressRange
    Bases: blocksci.AddressSequence, blocksci.GenericAddressRange

with_type(arg0: blocksci::AddressType::Enum) → Union[blocksci.NonstandardAddressIterator, blocksci.PubkeyAddressIterator, blocksci.PubkeyHashAddressIterator, blocksci.MultisigPubkeyIterator, blocksci.ScriptHashAddressIterator, blocksci.MultisigAddressIterator, blocksci.OpReturnIterator, blocksci.WitnessPubkeyHashAddressIterator, blocksci.WitnessScriptHashAddressIterator, blocksci.WitnessUnknownAddressIterator]

I really appreciate any answering and helping :)

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