Just installed bitcoin core v0.21.0 on my ubuntu server. When I run

bitcoind -printtoconsole

It says bitcoin.conf file is missing.

2021-01-30T15:36:58Z Bitcoin Core version v0.21.0 (release build) 2021-01-30T15:36:58Z Assuming ancestors of block 0000000000000000000b9d2ec5a352ecba0592946514a92f14319dc2b367fc72 have valid signatures. 2021-01-30T15:36:58Z Setting nMinimumChainWork=00000000000000000000000000000000000000001533efd8d716a517fe2c5008 2021-01-30T15:36:58Z Using the 'shani(1way,2way)' SHA256 implementation 2021-01-30T15:36:58Z Using RdSeed as additional entropy source 2021-01-30T15:36:58Z Using RdRand as an additional entropy source 2021-01-30T15:36:58Z No wallet support compiled in! 2021-01-30T15:36:58Z Default data directory /root/.bitcoin 2021-01-30T15:36:58Z Using data directory /root/.bitcoin 2021-01-30T15:36:58Z Config file: /root/.bitcoin/bitcoin.conf (not found, skipping)

As I know, it should be in $HOME/.bitcoin folder. But it's not. Should I create it manually? enter image description here

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Yes. It hasn't been created automatically, at least for as long as I remember.

But not in the folder whose screesnhot you've uploaded.

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