I sent money to myself from a Bitpay wallet (using send Max) to a Cashapp wallet.

Transaction id - 577b3fe1e372e2375bcfbb2c666cdc74fa766fd022592040a539154c9ff7d820 https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/577b3fe1e372e2375bcfbb2c666cdc74fa766fd022592040a539154c9ff7d820

Why 20 hours unconfirmed and is there any way to get this unstuck considering the 2 web wallets I use?


I'm predicting that this transaction will confirm in less than a week considering its relative feerate.

Paid $4.26 on a $133 transfer - why unconfirmed?

Because the input addresses are 1... addresses instead of the newer SegWit addresses bc1. By switching to a native SegWit addresses you may enjoy faster confirmation times at any constant feerate level.

The destination address is 3... which means probably it's a SegWit address too. However, 3... addresses pay slightly higher fees than bc1 addresses so bc1 addresses are suggested whenever possible. (Still, the suggested feerate difference between 1... and 3... addresses will make a considerable difference, you'll notice it when you spend from your destination address)

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