If so, could you please give the TXID of a transaction that spends from a hybrid public key?

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Surprisingly, there's a number of UTXO entries for the obscure hybrid key format. The transaction 657aecafe66d729d2e2f6f325fcc4acb8501d8f02512d1f5042a36dd1bbd21d1 makes a number of interesting P2PK outputs, two each of which are 0x06 and 0x07 respectively.

OP_PUSHBYTES_65 06da9be28d6e6266ddc0bc71b09032f3a810ffc917b5876e23a03c118f24f6a84dae4a9a5244fbf47860bc0760102d6bde6257bfcb7155d3dd66b97181119f98c5 OP_CHECKSIG

OP_PUSHBYTES_65 07d19ef6ba5b92b87078dba3a00df392efc16917defb2be08f22e41ce2873335705bff95fed463550f291d3b1fd559af11e432256a47e738572be3b74fc6f73ed0 OP_CHECKSIG

None are spent, but there's no technical reason for this, the outputs are valid.

  • Looks like a good way to waste btc on fees by adding more bytes to your transaction to me ;-) Commented Jan 31, 2021 at 16:25

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