I used a mining program written in python and after a lot of time, it found a hash that looks something like this: 0000de957fbfdfc77582e0d0b20c53d2d1d83d8bb8cfe3693521f672bf2a6021 except it has 19 0's at the start and all the following text is also different. What do I do now? How do I get the bitcoin in my wallet?


If you have found a new valid block at the network's chaintip, then you should submit that block to your network peers as soon as possible, so that they will hopefully add it to their local blockchain record. If other miners build upon your block, then it should become a part of the valid chain, and you will eventually be able to spend the coinbase UTXO in it (after it has matured 100 blocks).

As an example, if you are running bitcoin-core then you can use the submitblock command to submit your valid block to the network.

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