I know that bitinstant limits individual trades to 3 digits or $999 per transaction, but they make no mention in their FAQ about the size of the daily limit they impose.

I was wondering if anyone knew the exact number?

Note: I think this number may vary depending on where your sending money from, however I'm specifically interested in the limit regarding sending money from mtgox to bitstamp and vice versa.

Update: I emailed them and they confirmed that the limit is in fact $2000 per day.

Update: Since this question bitinstant has updated their service. You can now be verified by sending in a photo idea and have your limit upped to $10,000 per day.

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$2000 per day. Right above their captcha-like thing, it says the limits in small text.


From the front page of bitinstant.com:

limits 500$ for all transfers, 1000$ for cash bank deposits, 2000$ per per day, minimal order 20$

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