If BTC hits 10mln$ and transactions fees will be horrendous denominated in $, how a "common guy" will be able to opt in using Bitcoin, if even opening LN channel will be too expensive then since it requires on-chain payment? As I understand the only way for him would be to rely on third party which would'nt be very different from using a bank.


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I assume that people will have more refined ideas by the time this would actually appear on the horizon, but here are some ideas:

  • channel factories
  • Custodial Lightning Wallets, i.e. "Lightning banks"
  • atomic swap from a payment focused sidechain
  • purchasing spendable LN balance on other users' Lightning nodes via macaroons that permit spending a specific amount

Or more generally, I suspect that people would develop third layer solutions that permit multiple users to share Lightning Network channels effectively.

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