There is a Ring Signature implementation in C++ by Libbitcoin team. We can find the details in the following GitHub repository. Is it feasible to use Monero like Ring Signatures together with the CoinJoin Technique in Bitcoin without a soft fork on the core protocol.

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Using ring signatures off-chain to form a coinjoin transaction sounds hard, especially since because BTC doesn't have ring signature support without a hard fork or a soft fork.

You may find Cashfusion, an instance of CoinJoin shuffling, interesting, it's fully applicable to BTC and it uses TOR, which is simpler than Ring Signatures.

  • Thank you so much @MCCCS. Cashfusion and Cashsuffle is very interesting. I will check it out!!
    – Gokul Alex
    Commented Feb 6, 2021 at 15:33

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