I set up an Electrum wallet before I learnt that you should verify the signature. While I went straight to the electrum.org website to download it, I would still like to be secure, just in case. So I want to start again (I had no crypto yet in this wallet).

What should I do to be sure that I have eliminated all the files for the old wallet from my PC (Windows 10), so there is no chance of confusion when I download a second time? I downloaded the Windows Installer version.


If you're using Electrum on Windows, in my opinion just checking that it is signed with the correct code-signing certificate is sufficient; if any security beyond that is desired, you should use a hardware wallet with Electrum. When you open it, if the Windows UAC prompt says the file is "from the verified publisher Electrum Technologies GmbH", then that should be assurance that the file is the correct Electrum installer.

However, if you just want to delete the wallet files from the old Electrum installation, they are typically located in %appdata%/Electrum.

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