I made a mistake 10 days ago when I sent some bitcoin from my wallet to another one. The problem is, because this transaction was my first one, I set the transaction fee to the bare minimum. You can guess, that I did not see my BTC since then.

According to blockchain.com, the transaction has failed, and my address has all the BTC that I wanted to sent. So far so good, but in the wallet (Atomic Wallet), my balance is near 0. I asked the support, but I didn't get any useful information, just to wait... as I said, it happened 10 days ago. Next, I created a new wallet in Trust Wallet, add the 12 phrase seed which I get from Atomic, hoping, that its only an Atomic bug but... Trust showed near 0 balance too.

So here is my question: how can I get back my BTC from the blockhain universe? I read something about Replace By Fee and Child Pays For Parent methods, but I'm not sure that these can help me. Or am I wrong?

The transaction.


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According to the Blockchain record for address 1MhnRVvDTHGMSRdSRU5sP7vFH3aMExBAc9

Date Transaction ID Confirms Description
2021-01-25 12:56 8c038b...c3fb2f 2691 Money received from bc1qq9...6cfvgq
2021-02-02 15:33 1708b5...935604 0 Failed low-fee transaction, now invalid
2021-02-12 14:08 a77bb6...26273d 5 Money sent to 1EqnaM...WQGW6y

how can I get back my BTC from the blockhain universe?

Whoever knows the private key for address 1EqnaMiP676iSxMASjtKimz1k6GbWQGW6y now has control over that money.

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