Where is the download button for the official, highly trusted CLI application which works with Bitcoin Core? So that I can actually make Lightning transactions?

I've spent so long trying to figure out how to actually use this thing. I can't have the current large fees for my products/services which are the same amount as the fee. That's why I need to support Lightning Network. But how? Why is there no information?

  • There is no ‘official’ anything in bitcoin. There are several implementations of lightning network nodes to choose from if you want to participate in the network though.
    – chytrik
    Commented Feb 12, 2021 at 22:35

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If you recommend "Mastering the Lightning Network" in chapter 2 you find a table of possible Lightning Network implementations:

Application Device Lightning Node Bitcoin Node Keystore
Eclair Mobile Mobile Lightweight Electrum Self-Custody
Breez Wallet Mobile Full Node Neutrino Self-Custody
Phoenix Wallet Mobile Lightweight Electrum Self-Custody
Zeus Mobile Full Node Bitcoin Core/btcd Self-Custody
lntxbot Mobile None None Custodial
Blue Wallet Mobile None None Custodial
Muun Mobile None None Self-Custody
Zap Desktop Desktop Full Node Neutrino Self-Custody
Electrum Desktop Full Node Bitcoin Core/Electrum Self-Custody
lnd Server Full Node Bitcoin Core/btcd Self-Custody
c-lightning Server Full Node Bitcoin Core Self-Custody
Eclair Server Server Full Node Bitcoin Core/Electrum Self-Custody

just select from there whatever suits you best

I think the two most popular implementations are c-lightning and lnd


Depending on how advance your understandig is, you can either set up your own LN node or use clients, which are extremely easy to use. At the beginning, I recommend Breez mobile wallet as it opens up a LN channel for you.

  • How do I "set up my own LN node"? That's what I'm asking. "Mobile wallet"? What?
    – Wendeborn
    Commented Feb 12, 2021 at 15:41

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