I have Mycelium V3.5.0.0 installed on my phone. I have sent BTC from another wallet to the public address shown on my Mycelium apps front page (the "Balance" tab).

I sent these funds using Electrum. The transaction now shows on the Blockchain; I have checked using Bitref.com. On Bitref I have checked the same public key as shown on my Mycelium app. Specifically the public key on the "Balance" tab that I can copy (and a QR code of which is shown).

It has now been more than one hour since the transaction appeared on the blockchain but the funds still do not show when I refresh Mycelium.

The transaction now has 4 confirmations, as checked using https://www.blockchain.com/ -> Explorer. Still it is not showing in Mycelium; which I thought required only two confirmations.

What are the possible causes of this?

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