So this is my address 38UPP6po1NJvNQoTavvTBzbRi1bKcyR7tZ

And i am picking up 2 blockchains ,one for BTC and BCH ? I did a transfer a week ago and i am not sure why i cant see the funds in my coinbase account ?

Please help

  • Did you send Bitcoin Cash to your BTC account?
    – MCCCS
    Feb 17 at 9:16

I am picking up 2 blockchains, one for BTC and BCH?

There are a vast amount of numbers that are valid Bitcoin-addresses (BTC). Most of them have never been used and never will be.

Many of these same numbers are also valid Bitcoin-cash addresses (BCH) because of the way Bitcoin Cash was created.

So your address is a valid address in at least four different cryptocurrencies.

I did a transfer a week ago

That address has only ever been used in Bitcoin-Cash (BCH). It was used once last week.

That address has never been used in Bitcoin (BTC) and never had any amount of Bitcoin associated with it.

I am not sure why I can't see the funds in my Coinbase account?

If the above doesn't help, you should probably contact Coinbase and ask them for assistance.

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