I have little understanding of what entropy is and its specific role in blockchain. What I understand is that they're sources of randomness.

From that, I'm able to infer these sources in blockchain will/can be:

  • The randomness/unpredictability of getting the correct nonce to get a hash below the target value
  • The non-predictability of the transactions that will be picked from the transaction pool to form a candidate block.
  • The separate hashes of each [leaf] transaction, their hashes with a paired transaction and the final Merkle root hash.

Is this an appropriate interpretation and application of entropy?

  • @Murch I believe they expand on the concepts that "generate" entropy? My doubt is regarding whether these concepts/characteristics that I've listed and that you've linked are the sources of entropy. – Math Comorbidity Feb 17 at 19:00
  • I am not sure whether this is a Bitcoin question at all. What are the sources of entropy in a git implementation? It sounds like you're just asking if entropy can be defined as the "freedoms" that an algorithm allows in its input. Maybe it would be better to generalize the question and ask on the math student stackexchange. – Janus Troelsen Feb 22 at 5:15

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