I have more than 40BTC blocked in blockchain saving account, they asked me for KYC to send them my official documents and proof of earning of those BTC, I sent all and they ask now for Tax correspondance about those BTC a way to steal my BTC !

An official complaint is being done now with my international lawers.


Anyone have same problem with them ?

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    The Blockchain.com wallet is non-custodial, unless you specifically opted to use their trading wallet (to buy/sell BTC using their exchange). If you didn't specifically opt to use the Blockchain.com trading account, I would assume you have been scammed by someone. – ieatpizza Feb 18 at 0:03

If you have the walletID and password, then you could simply download the encrypted backup and sweep your private key to another wallet like electrum and move your funds out without needing to wait for blockchain.com

  • Thanks, but they are in the interest account not in wallet, I sent them from the interest account to the wallet, transaction pending since a month now – Alex Feb 18 at 15:10
  • They still cannot block your funds. At least they should return them to the account from where it was sent. – KeychainX Feb 18 at 18:35

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