I have a seed with 12 words from Coinbase Wallet. The derivation path is: Segwit Native (p2wpkh) m/84'/0'/0' BIP84.

The first address generated seems to be wrong because it does not get generated anymore.

I can't get access to the funds with Electrum and a gap limit of 10000.

I'm sure that the address contains my funds and no other transactions than my initial are visible in the blockchain explorer.

How do I do get access to that address?

Can this be somehow brueteforced or something?


In HD wallets it rarely happen that a gap of more than 20 is being used. It relates to bip32 standard in most cases. And it may happen in only few cases:

-if the receiver is a payment processor that puts out hundreds of invoices and only few are being paid.

It doesn't sound like your case though. I would suggest using IanColeman website, please remember to use it in offline mode and be very careful about it anyway. I wouldn't use it with a bigger amount of funds personally.

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