I thought that BIPs were similar to Pythons PIPs. So I was confused when I read BIP 34 mentioning coinbase explicitly. The author, Gavin Andresen, seems not to have a connection to coinbase.

I thought that coinbase was just a cryptocurrency exchange, similar to Binance / Huobi / Kraken. Does coinbase have a special role? Is coinbase in some way bound to follow BIPs or did/does Gavin Andresen have influence on what coinbase does?


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The coinbase mentioned in BIP34 is not the company; it is referring to the first transaction in a Bitcoin block (which is special as it is allowed to bring new currency into circulation).

Coinbase-the-company didn't even exist when BIP34 was written (or at least, wasn't known/public). The company was named after this special transaction.

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