Alright, so I thought I had 0.7 btc in my old bitcoin-qt wallet. When I loaded it up it showed 0.97 which was nice. But when I check the addresses, I only find 0.13. And any amount over that doesnt get confirmed.

What I read I understood that using an old version of core QT may cause the btc to not be transferred back.

Or is it because I have an old wallet file that doesnt include the new receiving addresses?

Unfortunately, after reindexing the Blockchain, my laptop (or rather the task) keeps crashing. I therefore extracted the private keys and created a new electrum wallet.

Now, even the most recent transaction doesnt get shown and my balance is 0.

Happy about any idea or help what went wrong. Thanks in advance.

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    make sure you chose the right derivation path when you imported your key on Electrum wallet. – Luca Blight Feb 22 at 0:33

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