Using the built-in ATI video card on my computer, I can mine at about a 30-50 MHps rate. I'm wondering, how does this amount of work compare to normal video card operation? Or how can it be calculated? Is mining for 6 hours at this rate equivalent to watching Transformers 2 in HD over and over again on my monitor?

There's already plenty of questions about equipment wear when GPU mining, I'm looking for an easy-to-understand comparison to normal GPU taks.


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Using a GPU to mine Bitcoins would use a lot more power than watching HD video, since while the video decoder would only use the processing power it needed, a Bitcoin mine would use all of the power available to it.

I don't have any real numbers, but I think mining Bitcoins would be equivalent to, say, playing Far Cry 3 on the maximum settings, while watching HD video would be more like playing Fallout 3 on medium settings.


You can see how much work your video card is doing during various tasks with GPU Caps Viewer. It will tell you what clock speed your card is running at, what the max it is capable of, and what percentage of your GPU is being used.

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