I've developed a cryptocurrency payment gateway application, which generate new addresses for users and all addresses are stored in database,i need a some way to monitor transactions.

I implemented a job for fetching transactions from a third-party Api like blockcypher but it seems it's a wrong solution, what is the best solution except running a full nodes ?

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If you like third-part services, coinbase commerce is a good solution for this.

They provide you a webhook, then when the user sends a payment to that address, they send a request to you.


The default bitcoind wallet can handle thousands (and more) addresses and monitor them. Using the JSON-RPC, built-ins like walletnotify you should be able to build your own solution with the stack of your choice. 3rd parties is not the right approach, you'll quickly reach limits that require you to pay, so at that point you might as well spin up VPS and run bitcoind.

  • how about other coins like ethereum or dogecoin that does not have options like walletnotify? how about if i use pubsub pattern (think fullnode support that), and add published data into the a queue like redis and process and filter them using a consumer? i just want monitor addresses though application without importing in another place like bitcoind wallet – farzin fattahi Feb 23 at 17:57

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