so I sent bitcoin to an address before it expired but before it could expire it didn't arrive to that address yet, would it still reach that address anyways or is it that when the address expires that anything sent to that before it expired is gone?

I bought bitcoin on easycrypto two hours ago and it still says unpaid on easy crypto so hasn't got that payment yet but its clear it went out of my bank account and the address expired within one hour. Any one have any answers. Thanks

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    Bitcoin addresses do not expire, so it sounds like we are missing some context to your question. Could you clarify what expired? If this question is about the business processes of a specific company, we will likely not able to help as we do not have insight into the internal matters of companies. In that case you'll likely need to open a support request with the service you're using.
    – Murch
    Feb 23 at 5:44

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