Hello guys, I sent this transaction like every other time from trezor, the fee was set on high. But this time I cant even find it in any blockchain explorer by its ID and the btc did not come


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This is not your fault. I have published the transaction.

You may track it here: https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/transaction/a23173e98ac492eb84c4324ce66817a6900d89c2fb408a85daf9ba98f1a7b513 or here:


At the bottom of https://btc4.trezor.io/tx/a23173e98ac492eb84c4324ce66817a6900d89c2fb408a85daf9ba98f1a7b513

you can see the

"hex": "0100000000010871f83...

which has the full hex-encoded raw transaction.

I have copied this to push it here.

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