How to get/dump/or download/curl request/ for all transaction from single address ??? I need info about txID's, scryptpubkeys, txinwitness and other deep info about transactions


  • What have you tried? What part of them job is causing most trouble? – RedGrittyBrick Feb 25 at 16:42
  • Hello. I need dupm TXiD, ScriptPubkey, txinwitness FOR ALL Transactions. Manually dump 5000 transaction is hard, because blockchain.com give only 50 transactions per once request. – Donald Feb 25 at 16:53
  • Have you tried submitting multiple requests? – RedGrittyBrick Feb 25 at 16:54
  • blockchain,com not worked for me - json without txinwitness !!! – Donald Feb 25 at 17:05
  • Have you tried Electrum-4.1.0 (electrum.org/#download)? You can see all transactions history. There is also a python console that you can use. Type help() to get all the command available. If I were you I would start by getaddresshistory('<address>') which will give you a list of dictionary (or a json) and you work your way from there. – Samir Sadek Apr 3 at 19:35

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