Let's say they cut the Internet tomorrow. I will still have my private keys on my offline computer, but I won't be able to sync the blockchain (as won't anyone else) nor would i be able to make any transaction either.

But once I heard something about a satellite beaming down the blockchain at all times or something. And that was in like 2013. Did that ever go anywhere?

Is there some readily sold product which I can order which is like a little antenna which I attach via USB to my PC and which then can receive the blockchain and send coins via some kind of satellite or other form of radio communication in a decentralized manner?

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Blockstream have multiple satellite circling around the earth and broadcasting the blockchain or receiving and sending transaction without interruption.


They have their own kit to use the service:


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    Note that the satellites aren't owned by Blockstream. They rent bandwidth on existing telecommunication satellites. Feb 28, 2021 at 22:21

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